Birds at airports: the use of falconry (ebook)

Birds at airports: the use of falconry (ebook)

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As indicated by the author himself in the introduction to the book, “everybody shapes nature, and it is good that now again something or someone reminds us of this”, so that we are more aware of nature and more careful with it. In this sense, the protection of the environment has always been one of Aena's key objectives. However, it cannot be denied that the uncontrolled presence of birds in the airport environment poses a threat to aviation security, another primary objective of our organisation. So, ours is a problem of coexistence, a fundamental incompatibility between two very marked social demands: security in air transport and the conservation of the environment. In the search for an effective solution that will satisfy both sides, Aena has introduced the practise of falconry at the majority of its airports. That is, the use of trained birds of prey as a dissuasive measure against the flight of other types of bird within the confines of the airport.. Manuel Zugasti, an Aena professional with many years at the forefront of environmental protection, features in this book with details of his experience in the application of the ancient art of falconry to help solve the problems caused by the presence of birds on airport grounds.